Makeup Removing Towel

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Clear the day away with just warm water!  To remove makeup: Soak cloth in warm water and gently wipe makeup away. 

No soap needed. The cloth is soft with gentle fleece. It also includes a suction cup that is perfect for hanging inside a shower.

No need to buy makeup removing soap or wipes because this towel is washer safe making it reusable. 


  • 85% polyester
  • 15% nylon

Wash Directions

  • Machine wash warm in warm water.
  • Tumble dry.
  • Reuse to your heart’s content!

Available in coral (picture looks like hot pink but it is coral) lavender (not purple as shown) and mint (not lime as shown), grey

Wash Directions: Machine wash warm in warm water and tumble dry
Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon
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